Features / Performance


Model Type Stitcher folder
Paper Size Saddle stitching / Length: 170 to 500 mm
Width: 120 to 356 mm
Side and corner stitching / B5 LEF, A4 SEF / LEF, B4 SEF
(with some exceptions)
Paper Type Fine quality: 64 to 127.9gsm
Art/Coated: 84.9 to 157gsm
Cover Below 300gsm
Process Speed
5,000 sets / h
Stitching Capacity No. of stitches 0 to 2
Stitch thickness Within 5mm
Wire diameter #25 to #27
Folding Capacity Below 25 sheets
Dimensions 2,230 (W) x 865 (D) x 1,300 (H) mm (includes belt stacker)
Ratings 120 to 240V 50/60Hz 6.5 - 3.8A
Weight 412 kg

SEF: Short Edge Feeding. Paper travels with its short edge leading
LEF: Long Edge Feeding. Paper travels with its long edge leading.