Features / Performance


Model File Setter DFC-S
Type Desktop Stapler (Punch option)
Paper Quality Fine quality paper, Middle quality paper, Fine quality stencil
Paper Size A5 to B4 (148x210 mm to 257x364 mm)
Paper Feed Direction SEF(LEF for A5) *1
Process "Stapling (Corner, Counter Corner, Side),
2-hole punching(option)*2"
Staple Capacity within 24 sheets(81.4gsm fine paper) or 2.5mm *3 *4
within 15 sheets when 127.9gsm fine paper
Paper Weight 52.3 to 127.9gsm fine paper *5v
Detect Function No Staple, Paper Jam, Door Open, Tray Full, Trouble
Processing Speed 25, 35, 40 sets/min *6
Stack Tray Capacity "DFC connection: Approx. 75mm
DC-8D connection: Approx.50mm"
Staple Pitch 148.5mm fixed (Ratio 1:2:1 against 297mm A4 paper)
Power Supply AC100V50/60Hz
Power Consumption 55W1A
Dimensions 948(W)x508(D)x205(H)mm *7
Weight 29kg
*1 SEF / LEF for B5
*2 2-hole punch is option
*3 25 sheets (81.4gsm) : With manual feed
*4 12 sheets : Middle qulity paper, Fine quality paper
*5 Long Grain paper : Within 64gsm paper
*6 Process speed changes with Collator, and speed for over A4 is 25 or 35 sets/min.
Process speed of Punching for over A4 paper is 24sets/min
*7 When B4 paper is used.